Wycliffe CE Primary School


Saltaire Road, Shipley, BD18 3HZ | Tel: 01274 584779

Wycliffe CE Primary School Tree

Ethos, Values & Aims


“Learning for Life…”

We recognise that we represent only one of several key stepping stones along a child’s educational journey through life and, therefore, we aim to provide all of our pupils with a sound start to their education, and a smooth transition to subsequent senior schools.

Our ethos is based upon Christian principles. We seek to provide pupils with a clear and solid moral framework, part of which is tolerance of the different beliefs and cultures of others, and equal opportunities for all.


Wycliffe welcomes children from all faiths. The main Christian festivals will be celebrated in a traditional manner, but important religious festivals of other faiths are also discussed and enjoyed. We have strong traditional values with high moral standards, and the fundamental importance of good behaviour, and respect for others, is impressed upon all of our pupils. Children learn best in a secure and orderly school environment.

Our experienced teachers and staff strive to provide each pupil with the best opportunity to develop and excel. The school has a positive, ‘can-do’, atmosphere, enhanced by an excellent three-way working partnership between pupil, parent and teacher, vital to the success and happiness of every child.

Our Aims

The aims of our school are to:

  • make all children and staff feel safe, happy, respected, and cared for, and have a sense of belonging and pride in the school as a community;
  • nurture a trusting atmosphere at school where individuality and independence can flourish and yet pupils learn the value of team work and co-operation, for the maximum academic and social development of each child;
  • encourage the children to learn how to learn, use their imaginations, be reflective, have fun, and celebrate their achievements;
  • use every day to the full, ensuring that all children are challenged, keen to learn, and want to strive for excellence in every aspect of a creative and child centred curriculum;
  • develop each child’s moral and spiritual wellbeing, by providing a clear set of values which will enable them to become tolerant, respectful, and caring citizens, thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others and caring deeply about the environment and the planet on which we live;
  • help each individual to fulfil his/her academic, creative and sporting potential – every child is encouraged to develop their individual talents, abilities and personality in preparation for the secondary stage of their education;
  • develop the voice of the children by providing an atmosphere which encourages pupils to come forward with original ideas and to play an active and appropriate role in the running and decision-making processes of the school;
  • create a well structured indoor and outdoor environment that is attractive, lively, stimulating, informative, and supports the children’s learning;
  • promote good working relationships between all who work in the school, and a strong partnership with the parents , the Church, and the wider community;
  • recognise the role of all staff by supporting and encouraging their career development, so benefiting all of the school community.

Best Values Statement

Mission Statement