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Ash Class

Ash Teacher: Miss E Parkinson    TA: Mrs T Fearnley

A final challenge

CBS Sports Coaching – Sports Camps Summer 2020 – Key Stage 2

ASH CLASS – A message from Miss. Parkinson – click here

How to Train your Dragon – part 1 – read by Miss. Parkinson – click here

Wycliffe Positive moments to share

Ash Gold Stars

Miss Parkinson’s outdoor adventures

How to Train your Dragon Part 2

The Logo Quiz

Rayyaan’s Viking Presentation

Cooking with Miss Parkinson – (Miss Parkinson gives important health and safety guidance in her video- please listen carefully! You must wash your hands before you start cooking and you must have adult permission and supervision throughout the whole process (preparation and cooking).)

^ Ingredients for the above video ^

Miss Parkinson Nature Face Please have adult supervision for your nature walk. Be very careful what you are picking up and check with an adult if you are not sure of something.

Disney Film Emoji quiz

Watch “Viking Presentation for School- By Rayyaan Mustafa”

Watch “A Diary of a Brave Viking Boy  By Rayyaan Mustafa” 

Help for emotional well-being 1

Help for emotional well-being 2

Week of 13th July – Y5 learning

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Week of 6th July – Y5 learning

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Week of 29th June – Y5 learning

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Kanga Sports Day

Talk for Writing – Y5

Y5 Activity Book

Y5 Activity Book Answers

Get creative with classical music
White Rose Maths 11.05.2020
Y5- Unit Talk for Writing

25 Fun Maths Activities and Games


Easter Story – KS2

Home Learning pack

Useful activities to do at home

Writing Challenges

National Literacy Trust – Family Zone

Handwriting Guide


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In Year 5, we think it is essential to teach children the skills they need, and then provide them with opportunities to apply their skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding in each subject.

This year we have studied a variety of topics, which have been science, history or geography based. To build the children’s enthusiasm and bring their topics alive, we have included several trips and workshops throughout the year, as well as practical activities, art and D.T.

Alongside their academic skills, we also take time to develop the children’s emotional skills. This includes circle time and activities to develop their understanding of social situations, friendship groups and their own well-being.

P.E Day – Monday & Wednesday (Swimming)



Ideally, it would be great if you could listen to your child read 2 to 3 times a week. This should include asking questions about the book, making predictions about what could happen next and a general discussions to support your child’s understanding.