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SENCO – Mrs J Webster

Email: senco@wycliffe.bradford.sch.uk

Many children at some time in their school career will have a special need of some kind. A child has SEN if he/she has

  • a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children the same age;
  • a disability or medical condition which prevents or hinders him/her from making use of the educational opportunities or facilities generally provided in school;
  • social, emotional or behavioural difficulties;
  • been identified as an exceptionally able child.

All children in school have the same right to a broad, balanced, and differentiated curriculum, which relates to both their individual needs, and the requirements of the National Curriculum.  Our clear aim is to address the individual need, and to provide the specific help which is required.  Continuity of provision may involve assistance within the classroom from a support teacher or teaching assistant.

Children with SEN follow Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or Individual Behaviour Plans (IBPs), in which appropriate and specific targets are identified, and worked on, under the guidance of our Special Needs Co-ordinator. We take great care to bolster the self-esteem of these children. We encourage parents of children with SEN to become involved with the support programmes. The class teacher and SEN Co-ordinator regularly meet with parents to discuss progress on the IEP/IBP.



For information on the Bradford authority’s local offer and details of support and services, please visit https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/.