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Wycliffe CE Primary School Values

Governors List

Role of the Governing Body

It is a legal requirement that every school should have a Governing Body which acts in the interests of current and future pupils and staff. School Governors are all unpaid volunteers who meet regularly (at least twice termly) to discuss and decide upon all aspects of school activities such as appointing staff, monitoring the budget, maintaining the premises and reviewing the curriculum. They work closely with the Headteacher, the staff, and parents of all the children, and they accept guidance from the LEA

Together with the Headteacher, the Governors are responsible for the overall educational and financial health of the school, and determine the aims and philosophies of the school, seeking their fulfilment through a partnership with staff and parents/carers. They are responsible for the policy documents that determine important aspects of the education of children at Wycliffe CE Primary School. These documents are appraised regularly and updated as necessary, and are available for inspection on request.

Day-to-day management of the school remains the responsibility of the Headteacher, and parents/carers are encouraged to share with members of the teaching staff any questions or concerns they may have. The Governors are confident that most issues can be addressed by the Headteacher; in situations where broader policy is an issue, however, a direct approach may be made to the Governors, either through the Chair of the Governing Body, or through the clerk to the governors.

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