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Vision Statement

 “Life in all its fullness” (John 10:10)

Our vision is to ensure that our school family are happy and fulfilled in a creative learning environment. This is flexible and caters to individual needs while developing a life-long love for learning through which all members can flourish. We nurture an aspirational family of hard-working, respectful individuals who work collaboratively.


Our Christian Values

We shall achieve this vision through the promotion and celebration of our six Christian Values. Love, Hope, Courage, Respect, Creativity and Forgiveness.

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We wrote our vision in September 2018 based on our pre-existing motto ‘All Different – All Equal’. It was a collaborative process starting with an inspiring session with the diocese and then leading to all stakeholders having their say. In the Bible, John 10:10 tell us that Jesus said “I have come that they may have life in all its fullness.”  Everyone agreed that this would be a fantastic introduction to our vision. Life in all its fullness is about living a varied and full life bursting with learning, growing, helping, reward, joy, excitement and caring for each other. At school we aim to help each other to learn how to do this.

Our vision is lived and breathed by us here at Wycliffe! It is the basis for our vision for the entire curriculum which you can see here by clicking on the link below:

Cycle of life – click here

At school we have reflected on what “Life in all its fullness” means to us. Here are some examples of our reflections:

Life in all its fullness means to me to be happy and be able to do anything you want to do.

– Lottie, Willow (Y4)

Life in all its fullness means to live life in the best way you can.

– Lily, Willow (Y4)

Life in all its fullness means to live your life and to be free.

– Tyler, Willow (Y4)

To me, life in all its fullness means living life happily.

– Jake, Willow (Y4)

Life in all its fullness means to me that life is full of love and is full. Even when the people you love are gone, you know they are all around us.

– Hana, Willow (Y4)

You can do anything in life.

– Zak, Willow (Y4)

Life in all its fullness means you can do anything, anywhere. Even if you think you can’t you should have a go at it.

– Omaima, Willow (Y4).

Life in all its fullness means that you can love learning and life.

– Jacob, Willow (Y4)

Life in all its fullness means to have a good, happy life.

– Noah, Willow (Y4)

Everyone is a part of the world.

– Martha W, Willow (Y4).

Life in all its fullness means to live life anywhere.

– Hazel, Willow (Y4).

You should always give it a try and never give up.

– Lucy, Willow (Y4)

Georgia Year 6: ‘Life in all it’s fullness means to achieve your biggest goal in life and succeed when you do it.’

Charlotte Year 6: ‘You only have one life, live it to the fullest.’

Afifah Year 6: ‘ I think life in all it’s fullness means that you have a good life and move on and make friends.’

Benyamin Year 6: ‘ Don’t hold back because you’re scared of something.’

Tyler Year 6: ‘ Life in all it’s fullness means to me is to live life to an extent, like to try new things.’

Irena Year 2: ‘Live life to the best it can get’.
Beatrix Year 2: ‘Be like you can do anything your whole life.’
Solomon Year 2: ‘Make lots and lots of friends.’
Emily Year 2: ‘Be yourself and be happy.’
Riley Year 2: ‘Make life an adventure.’

Mrs Brodrick:

“Live life always aiming to do your best and beyond, take all opportunities and do things that make you happy!”

Mr Hussain:

“To me it means to live your life how you want with no regrets as life is too short. You never know when you will leave this world!”

Mrs Ambler:

“To me Life in fullness means to love life with all your being. The life you have is a gift. Enjoy it, cherish it. Don’t let things pass you by as you may not get another opportunity.”


We recognise that we represent only one of several key stepping stones along a child’s educational journey through life and, therefore, we aim to provide all of our pupils with a sound start to their education, and a smooth transition to subsequent senior schools.

Our ethos is based upon Christian principles. We seek to provide pupils with a clear and solid moral framework, part of which is tolerance of the different beliefs and cultures of others, and equal opportunities for all.

Wycliffe welcomes children from all faiths. The main Christian festivals will be celebrated in a traditional manner, but important religious festivals of other faiths are also discussed and enjoyed.