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Wycliffe CE Primary School Values

Relationships with Local Churches

We work closely with St.Paul’s Church, Shipley and hold our special services for Easter, Harvest and Christmas there. Reverend Brian and the team support us with fulfilling some elements of our RE curriculum. Classes visit the church when learning about places of worship and special ceremonies. We are also lucky to benefit from our links with The Zephaniah Trust and Open the Book who hold weekly Collective Worships in our school.








Our relationship with another local Church (St. Peter’s) extends to 1:1 wellbeing support provided for selected pupils in school.

Each year several events are put on by Shipley Baptist Church that we are lucky to attend such as various re-wind and fast forward events focusing on Christmas, Easter and Transition.

Year 2’s RE lesson at St. Paul’s Church

This week in Chestnut Class, our RE lesson took place at St. Paul’s Church. We spent the afternoon learning about all of the features of a Church and their purpose. It was great to see them in real life! Once we had been on a hunt for all of the features, we were able to ask lots of questions about them. Then we listened to a story from the Bible. We can’t wait to show off what we have learnt in our RE books next week. 

We are proud to announce we won best tree at St. Paul’s Church Christmas Tree Festival! Amazing work put in by children and staff.