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Wycliffe CE Primary School Values

Mental health and well-being

Our mental health champion/ first aider: Mr N Hussain 

Mental health and Well-being Policy



We have mental health champions in school who are starting to promote mental health and wellbeing awareness in school. Some of our children took part in World Mental Health day this year.

Amid the Covid 19 pandemic, supporting the wellbeing of children has never been so important. We realise your contact with parents is limited at this time, so have produced our 10 Top Tips Parent Resource which you can place on your website/parent hub page, or send as a link to your parents.

This resource is designed to offer advice on how parents can safeguard their child/ren’s mental health and promote their wellbeing.

The resource is available as a document and short video presentation.

The link to both resources is https://ssscpd.co.uk/education/parentsandguardians/child-mental-health-10-tips-for-parents

We are proud to be supporting #childrensmentalhealthweek. This week we have all been;
setting ourselves emotional goals and reaching for the stars;being proud of how we have grown together since September;making well-being wells to help us whenever we might feel sad or upset in the future;thinking about the people in our lives who help to lift us up – our support networks;planting our own seeds in our edible garden to help us to understand that it takes time to grow, we need help and we all grow in different ways.
Thank you to Mrs Baxter for also releasing teachers/staff to talk to each class about mental health as well as giving the teachers a surprise break!
Children’s Mental Health Awareness 2023
As part of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we held a Lego themed ‘Walk and Talk’ in the playground on Tuesday. Thank you to the fantastic families who stayed to build stronger connections with others in our school community.

We highlighted children’s mental health week this year with a ‘Dress to Express Day’ – see pics below…


Call: NSPCC mental health support 

PARENTS: Support for mental health and well being.

EY support

NHS mental health and well – being 

Healthy Minds Signposting Sheet

Hope clouds activity

How many positives -360 activity

Parent pack – strategies for coping

Useful websites

Wellbeing guidebook to support children

Mental Health Reflections

The Cellar Trust

10 Keys to Happier Living


Resources for wellbeing – for kids

Staff Wellbeing

Staff across school shared Thank you cards to thank each other for the amazing things they have done for one another.



Mrs Hill and Mrs Baxter – Blob tree – expressing emotions

Lucy’s Blue Day 1 – read by Mrs Hill

Lucy’s Blue Day 2 – read by Mrs Hill

Emotions by Mrs Hill