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Wycliffe CE Primary School Values

Mental health and well-being

Our mental health champion/ first aider: Mrs J Hill 

We have mental health champions in school who are starting to promote mental health and wellbeing awareness in school. Some of our children took part in World Mental Health day this year.

We highlighted children’s mental health week this year with a ‘Dress to Express Day’ – see pics below…

Healthy Minds Signposting Sheet

Hope clouds activity

How many positives -360 activity

Parent pack – strategies for coping

Useful websites

Wellbeing guidebook to support children

Mental Health Reflections

The Cellar Trust

10 Keys to Happier Living


Resources for wellbeing – for kids


Mrs Hill and Mrs Baxter – Blob tree – expressing emotions

Lucy’s Blue Day 1 – read by Mrs Hill

Lucy’s Blue Day 2 – read by Mrs Hill

Emotions by Mrs Hill