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Click here – Mrs.Wills has a message for you.

A Dog’s Tale from Miss Williams.

MAGIC SCIENCE – Toothpaste Slime with Miss Williams.

The Wonders of Nature with Miss Williams.

Si Si Singing with Mrs Wills

Miss Williams favourite song

The Great Wycliffe Bird Quiz

Wycorama Episode 1

Wycorama Episode 2

Wycorama Episode 3

Wycorama Episode 4

Wycorama Episode 5

Wycorama Episode 6 Part 1 EYFS and KS1

Wycorama Episode 6 Part 2 KS2

Wycorama Episode 7

Wycliffe’s Virtual Sports Day 2020

Wycorama Episode 8

Reading challenge

Paper plate pond art

Paper plate fish bowl art

10 Nature friendly toilet roll tube

Paper plate tropical island

Paper plate fish bowl art

Tree of Life

Changing materials – 5-7 yr olds

Toys  – pushing and pulling 5-7 yr olds

Why do we need plants 5-7 yr olds

Our Living Earth – Lifecycles – 5-7 yr olds

Mixtures and Potions 5-7 yr olds

Habitats seasonal change 5-7 yr olds

Suggested Weekly Timetable

Bangladesh activity pack

Bangladesh parents guide 

School pack activities – meet another school 

School pack parents guide

Help for young people’s well-being 9-19 years

Habitat Mapping

Design your own wetland

Pollinator Party

Mouldy Bread investigation

Make an outdoor spider web

Thirsty plants

Spell your name fitness activity

Water based activities

Water Footprint

The Zorbit’s Math Daily – July Edition

Tree Explorer Activity pack

Fantastic forest activity sheet

Forest Bathing activity sheet

Suggested Weekly timetable – PE

Water footprint activity

Make an outdoor spiderweb

Pollinator party

Shelter activity

Music theory workshop

The Right Diet – 5-7 yrs

The Right Diet –  5-7 yrs- ANSWERS

The Right Diet – 7-11 yrs

The Right Diet – 7-11 yrs – ANSWERS

Sibling – Get along advice
Mouldy bread investigation

Cat Activities – 5-7yrs

Cat Activity ANSWERS – 5-7yrs

Cat Activities – 7-11 yrs

Cat Activity ANSWERS – 7-11yrs

Create a collage – tree collection activity sheet

Stargazing activity pack

Suggested Weekly timetable

Rainforest activity pack

Tree Explorer Activity Pack

Miniature landscape Gardner activity sheet

Forestry England – Spring Spotter activity sheet

Cat Behaviour activities – 5-7yrs

Cat Behaviour ANSWER pack – 5-7yrs

Cat Behaviour activities – 7-11yrs

Cat Behaviour ANSWER pack – 7-11yrs

Whale Words

Whale Words ANSWERS

Compare and Contrast Cetaceans ANSWERS

Compare and Contrast Whales and Fish

Dolphin or Shark – spot the difference

Explorer factfile

Activity Cards – Wild Days Earth Watch Oceans

Activity Sheets – Oceans

Activity Sheets – OPceans

Activity Cards – Animals & Plants survey

Activity Cards – Ocean depths

Activity Cards – Plan and exhibition

Activity Cards – Sustainability rivers & oceans

Roll a positive question

What makes a hero poem

Negative to positive

Our family during lockdown

Rainbow feelings tracker

National Oak academy for SEND

My Family

Make an owl out of twigs

Make a peacock out of fruit

Favourites game

Homeschool help pack

Activity Book

2020 review of feelings during lockdown

Breaktime and Lunchtime Games

Ingredient match primary activity cards

30 things you should do for your child

Olympic cooking skills record

Power to Perform Activity Sheets

Get Stuck in – Home Activity Bank

Get Stuck in – Home Activity Sheets

3D Fruit and Vegetable Nets

Design a bag – Home challenge

Festive Bunting

Colouring sheet

Investigate fresh food experiments

Advanced Olympic Cooking skills record

Supermarket storm activity cards and sheets

Healthy Minds COVID-19 helplines

Healthy Minds resources and services for children and young people

Animals – Muscles

KS1 – Changing materials – Frozen

Have a beach holiday at home

Plan a dream house

Plan a dream road trip

Choose a language to label things around the home

Tree Word Search

Wildlife Bingo

Forces – Magnetism

Colouring Fun

Bug Drinking Pond

Help your child to read and write

Healthy Minds Covid-19 signposting sheets

Tips for talking with your child

Thoughts and feelings book

Active Resources

Design your own myriarama

Design your own shield or flag

Build your own crazy golf

Dog’s Trust Origami Dog

Nature activities from Wildscreen

Investigating sound

KS1 – Plants – Why do we need plants?

KS1 – Toys – pushes and pulls

Things to do list – most can be done in lockdown

Simple and FUN maths games

Terrific Tongue Twisters

Question challenge

Relaxation ideas

Useful fitness activities

Online Phonics lessons

Code cracking – morse code worksheet

VE Day colouring

Masterclass in Beatboxing

Squashed tomato stem challenge

SSS ART with Miss Williams

Floating garden stem challenge

Beat the flood stem challenge

Milk Carton T-Rex

Occupational therapy and regulating sensory activities

Spinning energy for awareness

Thoughts and feelings book

Online safeguarding for parents

Wellbeing and Education at Home

Paint Al’s Wall Competition

25 non screen activities

More non screen activities

Space Activity Pack

Kanga May Challenge

Adjective Exercise

Bounce & Count

Contraction Match

Number Bond Relay

Relay Snap

Rainbow Bubbles

Make your own tornado

Make your own fingerprint testing kit

Making a Marshmallow Catapult

Maths Games

Maths Activities

Literacy Activities

30 day challenge – ART & DT

Lucy’s in Lockdown

Bitesize learning schedule

Daily Live Activities

DaDa Poetry

Walking Bingo

Virtual Tours & Trips

Curriculum online links

Maths Scavenger Hunt

CAMP Activities

Staying Connected


Time Capsule


Family Recipes


BBC launches lessons at home

Self-Care for all when social distancing

Resources for wellbeing

Indoor Challenges

Premier League

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt


Treasure Island – PHONICS

Treasure Hunt – SPELLING

Book Based Activities to do at home

English Activity – Catch a lot – Year 1- Year 3


Maths – Problems of the Day 2020

Times Table targets

Indoor Maths Games


Reasons why singing is good for you

Online Drumming


Easter Lent Reflection – Thursday

Lent Bible Reflections

Easter Puddles Board Game

Easter Snap Cards


TLC ART with Miss Williams

Miss Williams’ Art Challenge


Around the World Challenge

Climb the Mountain Challenge

Speed Bounce Challenge

Squat Jump Challenge

Step Ups Challenge

Super Slalom Run Challenge

Climb the Ladder

Standing Long Jump

Top Ten


Traffic Lights

Roll a Dice


Stepping Stones

Balloon Tennis