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We are incredibly lucky to have specialist PE support from Kanga Sport ( some classes receive this) . They are passionate about ‘creating a love of sport that lasts a lifetime’. As specialists, they provide high-quality physical education and performing arts. Kanga Sports are continually diversifying to offer activities that will appeal to children with all interests to ensure every child is engaged and enjoying some form of physical activity. Engaging in physical activity has a positive influence on health, academic performance, behaviour, mental-health and well-being.

Additionally, we are lucky to have a dedicated purpose-built art room in school. It has a different feel for the children from an ordinary classroom, it is like coming to special place and that makes them take their art making more seriously. They also learn where to find materials and are then able to make choices about what to use in their work. Art and creativity are important to everybody. Art takes us inside ourselves and often we find we can create things we didn’t know were possible. All children are naturally creative and enjoy experimenting with materials and art teaching encompasses this. In a climate where many primary schools are squeezing out the creative subjects in favour of the more academic ones, at Wycliffe we have shown through our focused art teaching what children can create when they are given the opportunities.